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Kylie Buchholz

Luxury Solo Artist

As a skilled colorist and hair cutter, I have developed a reputation for creating stunning looks that complement my clients unique features and personalities. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the principles of color theory, I particularly adept at working with vivid, eye-catching colors, including vibrant reds, bold blues, and striking purples. I also have a talent for creating beautiful blonde shades that range from soft and natural to bold and daring. Understanding of how chemistry and color work together. With a thorough knowledge of the chemical interactions that occur during the coloring process, I’m able to create looks that are not only beautiful but also healthy and long-lasting. Whether I’m working with a client who wants a complete transformation or someone who just wants a subtle change, I always takes the time to understand my clients goals and preferences. In addition to my coloring skills, also have talent with haircuts. I understand the importance of a great cut in creating an overall look that is both stylish and flattering, and  take pride in the ability to create shapes and textures that complement my clients' unique features. Whether working with long, flowing locks or a short, edgy style, always bring a high level of skill and artistry to my work.

Would love to see you in my chair so we can start your hair adventure together!  Remember - “Always do you, but let me do your hair!”

Kylie Buchholz
Copy of White Minimalist Aesthetic Boho
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