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Our mission is to support our Luxury Solo Artists® (solopreneurs) in creating a top-level salon experience without sacrificing their home lives, their own health, and the health of our planet.


We are working to challenge the status quo that has been plaguing the beauty industry by creating an exceptional experience in the salon. By becoming partners with our Luxury Solo Artist® we are able to provide luxury amenities, education, and opportunities that create an experience for the guest and allow the Luxury Solo Artist to focus on their craft and have balance between life at work and home. 

We do this all while reducing the impact the beauty industry makes on the planet and reducing the chemicals found in the air at a traditional salon.


The Story Of 


Novak Hair Studios Founder, Benjamin Novak Hudgins, was named after a man who lived his life with the deep purpose of respecting nature and celebrating the life of abundance it gives to our planet. Novak Bullard was known as “The Honey Man” and served as the Vice President of the Oklahoma Bee Association and to a select lucky few held the title of Grandpa. Novak adopted a vision of respect for the precious gifts we have been given on this planet as a young boy and that passion carried him throughout his  long and healthy life to serve a greater cause. Saving the bees was never at the top of his mind, but he knew that his passion had a purpose and he knew his life’s work would be to share that knowledge. It didn't take long for Novak Bullard to open his eyes and realize, in a time where few others would have thought twice, that the pesticides and other factors we were applying to our food supply were detrimental to the survival of pollinators such as the honey bee -- thus the survival of humankind. 


Novak wasn't just a bee man, but by many considered a bee whisperer. He took the time to understand what they were doing and why. He was gentle with these small, but might beings and was always humbled by the work they were doing that directly benefited us. This way of thinking led him to invent a number of methods and tools that are still used widely in Bee Keeping and Bee Education today. 


Novak had one core principle: ‘Have compassion and love the gifts that we are given on this earth.”


Sadly, today many of the predictions that Novak made about the decline of bees survival have been proven true. The daunting fact is that more than 90% of the population of pollinators 

including wild bees and monarch butterflies have declined during the past two decades.


Novak Hair Studios is committed to the legacy of its namesake -- a humble man saving the bees and working towards a more sustainable future.  That is why, beyond our internal sustainable efforts, we donate a portion of profits to organizations dedicated to saving the bees.

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