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Tessa Barba

Luxury Solo Artist

What’s up guys! My name is Tessa Barba I’m based out of Fort Worth TX, and have been infatuated with the hair industry for 9 years now. I specialize in color/ blonding. Sun kissed balayages, lived in blondes, ect. And would also consider long blended haircuts and big voluptuous blowouts being a specialty of mine as well.  Hair to me, is art. Being able to transform your hair before my eyes is the closest thing I’ve ever found to magic.  My goal with every guest is to please you to the absolute best of my abilities and also act as your educator for all that is hair.  I live to send you home with a slew of education and a new found confidence.  Let’s get real, you can have the cutest sports car. But if you cant drive a stick, you’re not gonna get far. Haha, but in all seriousness arming you with the knowledge of how to style and maintain the health of your hair is half of making you look and feel beautiful. Help me, help you girl. 

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