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Luxury Solo Artist

Hello my name is Kate and this is my story!

I am from Enid Oklahoma and my career started in 2009. I am a mom, hairstylist, gym, and wine enthusiast. I taught cosmetology at Paul Mitchell in Norman for two years and loved seeing my students grow! Educating people and my clients is my favorite thing about this industry. 

I moved to Texas four years ago and found Novak, which is such an amazing salon and I couldnt ask for a better place to fuel my creativity!

I realized early on that I have a passion for blondes and I love edgy cuts as well. I am here to help you achieve your goals! Trust and communication are top priorities of mine when it comes to helping you get the your dream hair especially when it comes to lightning the hair. My clients are the reason why I started down this journey and your happiness and satisfaction are how I thrive. Making others feel like a million bucks is so addicting and rewarding!  

So have a seat, have glass of wine, relax, and let’s begin your hair journey 


Copy of White Minimalist Aesthetic Boho
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