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Bre Terrell

Luxury Solo Artist

Hey there, I’m Bre!! 

I specialize in healthy hair, extensions, silk presses and braids. I’ve been in the cosmetology industry for over 13 years and I don’t see me doing anything other than making people look and feel their best! A little about me: I’m a wife and mom with a very contradicting personality… Introvert that can be very extrovert once I’m very comfortable with you….which is a rarity. I’d like to think I’m funny lol dry humor is my specialty.  I live my life pretty simple though I can be very extra at times! Oddly, I’m very socially awkward although I chose to be in a slightly social industry! My alter ego makes it work for me! 

Bre Terrell
Copy of White Minimalist Aesthetic Boho
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