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Annabelle Beaupre

Luxury Solo Artist

I grew up with 2 sisters and always had an interest in all things beauty. I was the one that always braided and styled my friends hair in school and always asked my hairstylist a million questions about the industry. I graduated 2020 in the middle of covid and went straight into working a 9-5 office job. I found myself bored and unhappy, longing for more of what i was passionate about which is hair! i started school march 2022 and graduated march 2023. i assisted a little while after school and jumped right into taking clients of my own after becoming licensed I also dedicated my love for transformations into extensions and am now dreamcatchers certified in all 4 of their methods. I have loved this industry even before i started school and my love and passion grows stronger everyday.

Annabelle Beaupre
Copy of White Minimalist Aesthetic Boho
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